How I Help

As a psychotherapist specialising in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in London, I facilitate insight and change. Changing unhelpful ways of thinking can sometimes be difficult on your own. Negative thinking or ingrained habits can prevent us fulfilling our potential and leading a richer life.

“If only this were sorted first, I could allow myself to do that; what if something bad happened should I try this; I don’t feel right today, so I won’t do that; I suspect I’m fundamentally flawed, so I can’t give up this habit; if only I could be happy etc”

CBT Therapy and ACT Therapy help people become more aware of unhelpful thoughts and other inner obstacles to a valued life. It’s human to have negative feelings and thoughts; however, they needn’t define you, nor hold you back. Learning to view and treat thoughts and feelings differently can be powerful catalysts for change.

In my work with clients, I integrate techniques including mindfulness, present moment focus, willingness and behavioural activation, to maximise the benefits of traditional CBT Therapy. Having also trained in hypnotherapy, I harness the power of visualisations, relaxation techniques and individual imagery where appropriate.

Some of the issues I have successfully worked with include: Stress/Anxiety | Depression | Life transitions | Anger | OCD | Confidence | Relationships and Relating | Chronic pain | Trauma | Work/Career Issues.

You would be likely to find me of help if:

  • Thoughts and feelings get in the way of you being yourself or of doing what you would like to do
  • You are at a crossroads in your life and would like the necessary techniques and tools to move on
  • You feel you need support to change
  • You need a trained expert in change who would non-judgementally help you take control of your life

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