“If only I could be less anxious in certain situations, life would be so much better.”
“I procrastinate and panic before exams or presentations.”
“I worry A LOT about what others think of me.”
“I dread going to work from Sunday onwards.”

Feeling anxious, panicky or tense much of the time? Fear is a natural part of everyone’s life, but too much or inappropriate fear plays a huge part in many psychological problems. For example, social anxiety often involves extreme fear of negative judgement by others, and a person suffering from social anxiety will be tempted to avoid at least some social situations and will make their own symptoms worse by judging themselves harshly for being fearful. Your biggest anxiety could revolve around your intrusive thoughts. You might get panic attacks on public transport. Or it could be that you have a persistent, distressing feeling of anxiety that makes it hard to think straight, without being sure why it started taking over in the first place.

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