CBT, ACT, CFT and EMDR therapy via video link or phone

Appointments with me are available via platforms such as Zoom, Skype and telephone. They have the advantage that a wider range of times and days is available – with no need to travel to the session.

I am currently only offering remote, ie video or phone therapy sessions, in line with government guidelines, and those issued by the professional body for CBT therapists.

If you are wondering whether video or audio link therapy sessions are for you, here’s what some clients say about online sessions:

“I wasn’t sure I would be able to trust and connect with a therapist online, but I felt understood and supported early on.” Steph

“Having worked with Suzy both in person and via video sessions, I have made strides in ability to manage stress and communicate with both myself and others. There is a confidence in knowing I can maintain momentum in my personal development even while travelling or away from the clinic.” Alex

Some tips my clients and I have picked up during remote meetings:

Ensure the space you use for your therapy session is quiet and private as well as free from distractions as much as possible.

As you don’t have to travel to your therapist because you are meeting them via laptop or phone, allow a few quiet minutes before the session to think about what you are working on, and why, and similarly make time to reflect afterwards, creating a buffer zone around your therapy session.

The bigger the screen, the more it is likely to feel as if therapist and client are in the same room – use a laptop or tablet if you can, though a phone also works.

Test if your wifi is up to video calls, perhaps try this out beforehand if you’re not sure. If reception drops, we may have to switch to audio only, so I will have your phone number to hand. You might want to double-checked your phone has enough charge.

Turn off message notifications that normally pop up on your phone as they are distracting.

If you use your phone, try to prop it up somewhere or use a stand/tripod if you have one. It frees up your hands for taking notes or engaging in written exercises.

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