What issues can be helped by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy?

If it feels like your thoughts are getting in the way of you being you, for example, that could be a good reason to see a CBT or ACT therapist. You might be trying to write a report at work, or just hoping to sleep through the night after a long, hard day – but your thoughts go round and round like clothes in a washing machine on a spin cycle, “What if this were to happen? Or that?” or “What did they think when I said that? Did I offend them?”, and you get reeled in by them every time and can’t leave the washing machine of the mind alone.

Similarly, if feelings get in the way of you trying to do what you want to do, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can also be hugely helpful. Whether it’s anger that flares up and clouds your vision, or anxiety or depression seemingly stop you from doing important stuff – you can learn to manage strong feelings differently and act in line with your intentions and values.

The insights and strategies you could gain from CBT or ACT don’t just apply to one issue – they are transferable. You may see me for CBT or ACT in London for OCD or insomnia, but once you have learned to manage your difficult thoughts and feelings in more effective ways, this can be applied to other situations or issues.

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