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How I help

As a psychotherapist specialising in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in South West London and Surrey, I help clients aged 21 and over gains insight and achieve positive change. Addressing unhelpful ways of thinking can be difficult on your own. Long-standing habits can act as barriers to fulfilling your potential and leading a valued life. CBT, ACT and CFT and EMDR can be an incredibly powerful ways to understanding what is going on for you – and for finding a way forward.



“If only this were sorted first, I could allow myself to do that; what if something bad happened should I try this; I don’t feel right today, so I won’t do that; I suspect I’m fundamentally flawed, so I can’t give up this habit; if only I didn’t keep getting flashbacks”



CBT Therapy and ACT Therapy help people become more aware of unhelpful thoughts and other inner obstacles to a valued life. It’s human to have negative feelings and thoughts; however, they needn’t define you, nor hold you back. Learning to view and treat thoughts and feelings differently can be powerful catalysts for change. And EMDR helps you to process aversive events in your life that have led to negative views of yourself and your place in the world.



How I work with clients


In my work with clients, I integrate techniques including mindfulness, present moment focus, willingness and behavioural activation, to maximise the benefits of traditional CBT Therapy. Having also trained in hypnotherapy, I harness the power of visualisations, relaxation techniques and individual imagery where appropriate. I am genuinely interested in working out what is going on in people’s minds and how to help them move forward. I enjoy working with clients from all different social, cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. I am LGBTQ+ friendly. I am bilingual English/German. I mostly use English for work but can “do” therapy in German as well.

Some of the issues I have successfully worked with include: Stress/anxiety | Depression | Life transitions | Anger | OCD | Confidence | Relationships and Relating | Chronic pain | Trauma | Work/career Issues.

You would be likely to find me of help if:

  • Thoughts and feelings get in the way of you being yourself or of doing what you would like to do
  • You are at a crossroads in your life and would like the necessary techniques and tools to move on
  • You feel you need support to change
  • You need a trained expert in change who would non-judgementally help you take control of your life
  • You get flashbacks, ruminations, nightmares of aversive events or periods in your life
  • You avoid even thinking about some of the bad stuff in your life but as a consequence also find yourself avoiding valued actions