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Issues I help with

As a psychotherapist specialising in CBT Therapy, EMDR Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy and ACT Therapy, I help clients gains insight and achieve positive change. Addressing unhelpful ways of thinking can be difficult on your own. Long-standing habits can act as barriers to fulfilling your potential and leading a valued life. CBT, ACT and CFT and EMDR can be an incredibly powerful ways to understanding what is going on for you – and for finding a way forward.

In my work with clients, I integrate techniques including embracing the present moment and developing your inner compassionate self to maximise the benefits of traditional CBT. Having also trained in hypnotherapy, I harness the power of visualisations, relaxation techniques and imagery restructuring where appropriate.

Some of the issues I have successfully helped clients work with include:



“My sessions with Suzy have been incredibly beneficial. She immediately made me feel at ease discussing my issues and was able to help identify and dissect the background to my problems. She is compassionate, insightful, patient and above all, genuine.

The results of the sessions has been very positive and I’d strongly recommend Suzy and the counselling she provides.” David

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